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noosa edge nudist retreat
20 Feb

Nude Olympics coming to Noosa

The annual Alexandria Bay nudist beach carnival will be held on Sunday 6th March 2016
Every year in March there is a large public beach carnival, with many Australians and overseas visitors trying beach nudism for the first time. There is a no camera policy and a family values ethos.

“Being naked and comfortable around other people is a live defining event. I never would have believed I could be comfortable with my naked body around others at a public nudist event. It is consciousness raising and liberating- try it before you knock it. Skinny dip this Sunday with 500 others at Noosa”

Organised by the Adam and Eve Social Group, the carnival attracts some 400 to 600 people from all over Australia to participate in a wide range of ‘sporting’ events, with the emphasis on having fun under the watchful eyes of official lifesavers engaged to patrol the beach on the day.

The Carnival has proved to be excellent promotion for the naturist recreational lifestyle, and many ‘new recruits’ have resulted from this annual event.

Information courtesy of the organisers, The  Adam and Eve Social Group. They can be found at www.adamandeveclub.com.au

The carnival is open to anybody and everyone is welcome to attend.

Accommodation for the Nude Olympics.

noosa edge nudist retreat

Bali hut, Day Bed and Pool at Noosa Edge Nudist Retreat

Noosa Edge Nudist Retreat is the ideal location to stay if you plan on attending the Nude Olympics. Located just 10 minutes from Noosa at Doonan with easy access to Alexandra Bay. Please call 0414 410 114 for more information or visit Noosa Edge Nudist Retreat for more information and bookings.

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